Saturday, August 6, 2011

Indoor Ironman Event 7/31

The Indoor Ironman this past Sunday was a huge success.  I hope you enjoy the above video. Between the online donations, offiline donations and the silent auction, we raised over 5K for the Reach Out campaign and still counting! We still have an elliptical worth over $5k that no one bid on. Donations are still being accepted online and in person at the Y! The $10,000 goal is still on!

I finished in a total time of 10:13:36. An Ironman personal record overall and across the 3 disciplines. The swim was 1:15:39, the bike was 5:03:39 and the marathon was 3:53:44. I'm happy to become one of the very, very, very few known people in the history of planet earth to complete an Ironman triathlon outdoors as well as indoors.

A big thanks to the Oak Square Y staff including Jack Fucci the Executive Director. Without his buy-in the event never would have been possible. A big thanks to the event sponsors, supporters, and most of all, the donators to Reach Out!

This was the greatest thing I've ever done. The support was unlike I've ever experienced. The Oak Square Y staff thought of everything, and the materials they developed to market the event certainly had me feeling like the world champion. The support from the community was amazing. People dropped from the neighborhood throughout the day. Friends and family from high school and college came through too. Some people that I didn't even know came and biked beside me just to support. The monotony of the computrainer and the treadmill was not a factor because there were so many people coming in to support!

The swim went by really fast. I was so hyped at the start I was over rotating my flip turns. I calmed myself down, settled into my H2O audio playlist and tried to get into a rhythm. Before you know it, the counters were showing me 167 lengths. I felt strong, I didn't feel winded at all. I looked at my watch  when I finished and saw that my time was about a minute faster than my Ironman swim PR; 1:15:39. I'll work to get that down to less than an hour. Not bad for a guy who learned how to swim in that very pool about 7 years ago.

Brian Hughes at Fast Splits in Newton supplied the computrainer. I owe him a great many thanks. We ran the computrainer on program mode which is essentially equivalent to a flat course. I doubled my biking miles from last year and doing the MS 150 at the end of June really helped. The bike leg felt easy. I finished well over an hour faster than my bike leg at the Florida Ironman. There was a moment at the beginning when I thought I was going really fast, but then realized my computer was set to kilometers instead of miles. Haaa. Thanks to John Bergstrom for being my kilometer to miles converter; 180.25 kilometers, or 112 miles, finished in 5:03:39. That time is the benefit of a ride with absolutely no hills.

In training I had done 2 treadmill 20 milers. My plan was to start at level 6.7 (an 8:57 per mile  pace) on the treadmill and go from there. All else being held constant I was pretty certain that I could run at that pace indefinitely even if things were to go wrong. That would give me a sub 4 marathon. I ended up feeling great and even increased the pace a little toward the end. Jenny Sadler, Evan Dana and my fellow BC Eagle classmate Rachel Kelly were a huge help, running beside me and supporting. I cruised to an non-painful marathon of 3:53:44. I felt I could have pushed harder. I estimate I burned over 3,000 calories on the treadmill and over 12,000 total!

3:53:44 Marathon Total 10:13:36 Total
In all this experienced gave me some valuable insight into my training and my potential as a triathlete. I consider this a "steady state" Ironman. It's what I'm capable of under ideal conditions, ideal support, a well executed nutrition plan, no other competitors, practically non-exist transition times, propelling off a wall in the water, and completely flat bike and run courses. I'm looking at it as a sort of ideal baseline. I still didn't think it would be that fast at 10:13:36.

I have a running joke with the folks at the Y that I'm the Indoor Ironman national champion until someone else attempts it and beats that time. I did find out that a guy in the UK in 2009 became the Guinness Book of World Records record holder with the fastest Indoor Ironman, at 9 hrs 33 minutes. Hmmmm ;)


  1. Greetings Tony,

    Congratulations on your athletic accomplishments. I am less than five weeks away from my first Ironman (South Africa Aprill 22). I would like to talk to you. Check out my webpage and blog at and email

  2. Hi Tony,

    Ok I admit it, I was immediately caught by seeing an attractive african-american male being featured in the My Story section in Multizone Sports. LOL As a started to read your article I was drawn in by your story and then linked over to your blog. Although we've never met, can I just say I am really proud of you and what you have accomplished! And YES, your Mom would be VERY proud of you!!!
    Running is my passion but I have caught the Tri bug and I'm preparing for my 1st half Ironman in FL in May and I am quite nervous as you can imagine. :) I'm sure you are crazy busy but if you have a little time I would love to connect with you about preparing for my first 70.3 race.

    My email address is

    Hope to hear from you!

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